Long-Term Care Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is an insurance policy designed to help cover the cost of long-term for a predetermined period. Long-term care insurance generally covers care that is not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.


New Trends in Long-Term Care

The Partnership Program is designed to encourage individuals to purchase long-term care insurance by allowing Medicaid to disregard some or all of your assets for eligibility purposes. The partnership program is available in Las Vegas, NV. However, individuals who do not have Long-Term Care will not qualify for the program.


The Long-Term Care Partnership Program

Why The Partnership Is Critical To Your Future:

Consider this simple example: Your health requires assisted living. You have $250,000 in liquid assests and a Long-Term Care policy with a $200,000 value. When your LTC policy runs dry you will have to begin using your assets to pay for your care; however, because of the partnership program, when your assets dropped to the level of your LTC policy ($200,000 in this example), you will qualify for Medicaid. The bleeding of your assets stops there. Without the partnership program you have no stop-loss on your assets.