Medicare Advantage Plans

We are Medicare Advantage Brokers offering ALL Medicare Advantage Plans in Las Vegas. Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Part C or MA Plans) are offered through private insurance companies approved by Medicare. MA Plans typically administer your Medicare coverage through a network of providers such as an HMO or PPO. Typically, your coverage is limited to the network except for Emergencies and Urgent Care visits outside of your area. MA Plans must offer equal or greater benefits than Original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plan Types

There are two plan types available in Las Vegas - HMO and PPO.  We have 5 HMOs (some with variations) and 2 PPOs in Las Vegas. We will help you determine the one that works for you based on your budget, your medications, and your doctors.

When Can You Enroll into Medicare Advantage?

There are a number of times when you can enroll or change your Medicare Advantage plan. You can enroll 3 months prior and 3 after you become eligible for Medicare. After enrollment, most people can only change their plan during the Annual Election Period which is from October 15 - December 7. However, many individuals qualify for a Special Election Period Period and can change their plan mid-year. Contact Sun City Financial for details.

Why Choose a Sun City Financial Agent?

At Sun City Financial, we represent ALL of the Medicare insurance plans in the Las Vegas Valley. We remain independent so that we can offer objective advice on Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans in Las Vegas. When you meet with an agent from Sun City Financial, you will not feel that you are being sold something or persuaded to buy something. We will take the time to explain how Medicare and Medicare insurance plans work, then allow you to choose a plan. When your appointment is finished, we guarantee that you will understand Medicare better than you did before. We pride ourselves on being helpful. Helping our clients is primary, representing them as insurance agents is secondary.


We are agents that truly believe that honesty is the best policy. Sometimes, we may recommend that you keep the insurance that you already have if we feel that we cannot offer you something more. We know that the best way to grow a business is by word-of-mouth and that very important to us. Sun City Financial gains Medicare clients everyday. Most of our clients come from referrals by existing clients who are satisfied with our services.


Best of all, our services are free. It costs clients nothing to meet with us and learn about ALL of their options. When clients select a plan, we become your agent for the insurance plan you have selected. The insurance company pays us as your agent the same way they would pay their own agent. Meantime, you get unbiased advice from an experienced agent that understands all of the Medicare plans in Las Vegas and is not trying to persuade you to choose only one of them.


Call us at 702.551.4949, email us at: orrequest a quote today. You can also stay current on Medicare Advantage in Las Vegas by reading our Medicare Advantage blog.

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What is the 'Advantage' of Medicare Advantage?
  1. Many Plans have a $0 monthly premium and still include your Prescription drug coverage
  2. Most plans offer extras like gym memberships and transportation
  3. All MA plans have an annual maximum on co-payments

As independent agents, we will help you find a replacement for your plan. We will consult with you and tell you ALL of your options.  Best of all, our services are free!


A licensed insurance agent will contact you with plan specific information.

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