Comparing Medicare Advantage Insurance with Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you have been wondering about the pros and cons about Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement insurance, let us explain the differences.

A Medicare Advantage plan administers your Medicare coverage through their network of providers while Medicare supplemental insurance (also known as Medigap) helps to cover part of what your original Medicare does not cover. Medicare Advantage combines original Medicare, supplement insurance, and prescription drug plans into a single product. Medicare Supplement Insurance is designed to work with an original Medicare plan. Take a look at our quick guide:

Medicare Advantage

Depending on the plan that you choose, it is entirely possible to pay no monthly premiums for your medical care and still have prescription drug coverage available.

Most of the plans offer some kind of extra benefit like gym memberships. It’s a good idea to compare Medicare advantage plans to find out which one works for you and your lifestyle.

Every plan has set maximum out of pocket expenses for the year. This means that if you hit that limit you won’t have to pay any more money for health services.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is accepted by every doctor who takes Medicare. It pays for the 20% of costs that original Medicare doesn’t cover.

You will never need a referral to see a specialist when you have supplemental Medicare insurance.

The Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan F does not require you to pay to see your doctor or specialist.

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