Whole Life Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

Whole life insurance provides a death benefit to your beneficiaries while amassing a cash value from your premiums over time. When compared to term life insurance, whole life offers a much lower death benefit; however, the premiums paid by the individual accrue into a cash value.


Trends in Whole Life

Single Premium Life Insurance which is a whole life product has become a very good way to transfer wealth to your beneficiaries free of federal and state income tax. Read below for more...

Single Premium Life Insurance in Las Vegas, NV


Why Wealth Transfer Is Better Through Single Premium Life:

A 65 year-old woman pays a single premium of $100,000. She receives an immediate guaranteed death benefit of $170,000 that will pass income tax free to her children. She will also have immediate access to her cash value without surrender charges. She can access her funds if she needs them for long-term care, home health care, assisted living or terminal illness.